Emiliano Vitale Wins ‘Best Mens Hair Collection' Award In Paris

Emiliano accepted his award from the Editor of ESTETICA Turkey

The 2010-2011 AIPP Awards Ceremony was held on Sunday, 7 November at Mondial Coiffure Beauté in paris, honouring the artistic achievements of five internationally acclaimed hairstylists & hair salons: Carita (France), Rush (United Kingdom), Gemis (Spain), é Salon (Australia) and Felicitas (Spain). 

Roberto Pissimiglia, President of the AIPP (Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure), hosted the 14th annual event. "The AIPP Awards – the world’s most renowned awards in the hair industry – are considered the Oscars of Hairdressing and they are the most spectacular expression of the purpose of the AIPP; confirming the importance of the professional trade press to the hairdressers all over the world,” said Roberto Pissimiglia.

This way, the AIPP Awards’ 5 Categories recognised again this year outstanding achievement by professional hairdressers in photography and presentation of their work.

é SALON (Australia) won the Best Men’s Award for their collection of new and appealing male styles. Emiliano Vitale, creative director of é SALON, explained: "It’s quite overwhelming to be honest with you. I’m thinking of my friend, the great hairstylist Anthony Whitaker who won the AIPP Grand Trophy back in 1999 and now it’s me who’s in Paris receiving my first international award in my hairdressing career... it’s really exciting! We’ve also placed second in the ‘Best Video Award’, so it’s been a good year where we were producing some beautiful work”. 

Carita (France) won the Best Commercial Award for their beautiful collection of easy-wear-styles. Tom Marcireau of Carita, who attended the Award Ceremony, said: "I’m very happy of having received this award because this is really international and it sums up the different tastes but also because this is an independent one, no companies behind. I’m so proud for the Maison Carita”. 

Rush (United Kingdom) grabbed the Best Avant-Garde Award for a futuristic collection researching new and original ideas with stunning colours & creative patterns. Stell Andrew, founder of Rush, was present in Paris and accepted the coveted trophy saying: "It’s a fantastic award to win. It’s a great acknowledgment to Tina Farey, who did our Avant-garde collection and I think she’ll be very, very proud of receiving this award. She is an amazing hairdresser and I’m really glad she gets this very, very high achievement”. 

Gemis (Spain) achieved the Best Photography Award for a collection composed of the best pictures from the point of view of originality and attention to detail. Victor Alonso, artistic director of Gemis, expressed: "Being here tonight among the AIPP winners it’s something really amazing for me. It’s an award with which I began to dream 7 years ago and since then I have been struggling to achieve it and get here. So this is for me the culmination of a great effort and great enthusiasm along the way!” 

And Felicitas (Spain) conquered the Best Video Award for a stunning and creative video showing their latest hairstyles’ collection. The exultant hairstylist from Barcelona expressed: "It is like a great dream come true! I had been finalist twice in the past, but they say the third time’s the charm! My thanks to all the international press for their great support to the hairdressers around the world, because they help us to spread our work in their magazines, something very important to us”. All of the winners were present in the Ceremony showing to be really thrilled and touched by the emotion when receiving their awards in front of the cheering audience.

AIPP Magazine Members around the world voted on the award-winning recipients; having received 283 photo collections from 24 countries from all around the globe!!! 

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