Anthony Mascolo - The Hairdressing Rockstar!

It was with eager anticipation that we looked forward to our meeting with perhaps one of the most famous hairdressing legends in the world, the International  Creative Director for TiGi, Anthony Mascolo. The youngest brother of the Mascolo family, well known as the creators of the worldwide iconic salon chain Toni&Guy and of course the TiGi brand. Anthony and his creative team are constantly on the move, travelling around the globe working on Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris as well as attending hair events such as the worlds largest in Bologna, Italy and  Australia’s Hair Expo. 

We caught up with Anthony having lunch with his team at Jordans in Darling Harbour. Also at the table was Benni Tognini and his wife. Seafood was obviously the order of the day with a multilayer platter to die for! Italian wine and Peroni Beers were the preferred choice. "I’m a great fan of seafood,   I’m Italian and all Italians love their seafood! In fact my favourite restaurant here in Sydney is ‘Flying Fish’ it’s great!”, Said Anthony. It was easy to feel relaxed in his company as he is completely laid back and down to earth.

We chatted about the beginnings of his hairdressing career at nineteen. " My father was a hairdresser and it ran in the blood. As a family we were close, I learnt the trade from my older brothers who passed their knowledge on. I appreciated the importance of education when I was younger and it has now become  a big  part of the TiGi philosophy”. Said Anthony. In fact he attributes his competitive edge to the years of friendly rivalry between himself and his brothers.

Living in the fashionable Chelsea district of London, inspiration just abounds.   "I observe the people on the street, follow what’s happening in music, celebrities and fashion. I also tend to surround myself with younger people who are tuned in.” Said Anthony.   Accompanying him is photographer Alex Barron-Hough whose main task is photographing all their Hair, Styling and Catwalk shows. "We like to keep a complete record of everything we do for future reference and as Alex has a really good eye, we always seem to agree on the right shots.” Said Anthony who refers to Alex as his ‘adopted’ son.  

Keeping ahead in the new technology stakes is important for TiGi, who recently introduced the Q code on all new TiGi products. In basic terms you take a shot of the code, with your smartphone and all the details of the product along with the best way to use it, are available via a web link. Anthony’s face lit up when we mentioned that we had TiGi’s Catwalk app downloaded on our ipad, which by the way is fantastic!  He explained that all videos and photo shoots are conceived at the Bed Head Studio in Battersea, South London not far from the TiGi Academy. "All our videos are now shot in 3D and we were hoping to show them here in Australia but the appropriate screens weren’t available.” Said Anthony.

Unfortunately our interview time with Anthony had expired and so we had to wait till Tuesday night at the TiGi Academy in North Ryde to catch up with him again. It was a rare chance to see the man himself in action close up. First up Mary Rector Gable from USA’s ‘Behind The Chair’ interviewed Anthony on stage, before he performed a cutting session, wowing all those in attendence. It was a chance for everyone present to be part of the TiGi experience, one of those ‘Once in a Lifetime’ opportunities!