New Zealand’s Most Beautiful Hair - Vision of the Elite.

New Zealand, the land at the end of the earth lures with a new perspective; that pioneer spirit of the first settler women. Ready to go. Trends and hair design consist of opposites: minimalist and playful, plain and unconventional. New Zealand’s Most Beautiful Hair is as many-faceted as a "best of” all continents. New Zealand surprises, excites and enthralls: there are fjords like in Norway, beaches like in the Caribbean, rain forest and desert. In this latest Intercoiffure Mondial collection, angular, super blond and copper toned short-cuts meet sophisticated braids. A photo shoot – stylish, artistic, independent.

Another first an Intercoiffure Mondial photo shoot right here in New Zealand. The 2011 Artistic team drew their inspiration from the urban women of Auckland and Wellington as well as the Maori’s artistic designs. The collection is to be distributed to top stylists and publications in 55 countries. The team of stylists behind " New Zealand’s Most Beautiful Hair”: Iain Smith, Donna Greyson, Jason Davies, Wayne Richardson, June Wilde, Sara Allsop and Jock Robson.

Photographer: Guy Coombes

Makeup: Kiekie Stanners

Fashion Styling: Dan Ahwa

Casting/Trends By: Sara Allsop