The Versailles Collection by Sharon Blain

Hair smocking, vintage waves, 40’s rolls and unusual shapes create a strong editorial vibe that make up the creative elements in The Versailles Collection. 
The opulent palace of Versailles is acclaimed as the most beautiful achievements of the French 18th century art. Inspired by the royal chateau, Sharon Blain’s latest photographic extravaganza ignites a kaleidoscope of creative elements. From the grandeur of stunning surroundings, exquisite haute couture gowns, beautifully refined makeup and superb contemporary hairstyling, this hair collection is a theatrical vision incorporating classical references in a modernist way.


Hair Stylist: Sharon Blain, Art of Hair, Sydney, Australia

Photographer: Ian Golding

Makeup: Memo Gallard

Gowns: Craig Braybrook

Hair/ styling assistants: Doreen Gatt and Paula Hibbard.