Groundbreaking Hair Spectacular in Atlantic City !

The spectacular ‘Day of the Hairdresser’ show made its epic debut recently at The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Hosted by Emiliani Enterprises the two-day event lived up to all of its hype and exceeded expectations with one of the most innovative displays of hair styling in the industry. There was no shortage of amazing moments, stellar creativity and awe-inspiring talent.

The extravaganza kicked off with an exclusive VIP party where famed celebrity hairdressers such as Robert Cromeans, Tim Hartley, Nicholas French, Phillip Wilson, Amit Abraham, Gina Khan, Patrick McIvor, Joseph DiMaggio, Jo Blackwell, Michael O’Rourke, Boyd Parris, Rafe Hardy, Leonel Rodriguez and Rocco Vitelli arrived ready to party along with their admiring fans.

The vivacity of the stylists fed the crowd’s appetites for glamour, drama and ingenuity - concepts essential to this eclectic craft. Andre Chiavelli, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Emiliani Enterprises, gave a riveting speech during the opening acts of the grand event on Monday driving home the adage of "giving credit where credit is due.”

Fashion has dominated the runway as the only star of the show for too long, but with out the throngs of beauty teams backstage and behind the scenes, the images of perfectly polished models and celebrities would be non-existent. The talents of the fashion and beauty world should work hand in hand to create the most exceptional results.

All of the characteristics of iconic clothing - sharp lines, vivid colors and unforgettable silhouettes - are paramount in beauty as well. Our hair is a direct expression of our personalities and can be a manifestation of our wildest dreams.

Thousands of people turned out to see the show the hair industry has been anticipating for months. "The Day of the Hairdresser” featured avant-garde and high fashion looks; the energy from the crowd was electric as each artist created their own dream world on the runway. Case in point: Phillip Wilson cut a models’ hair while she hung upside down from cloths in a Cirque-du-Solei style performance.

This show marked the start of a hair revolution. The beauty industry thus far was always an after thought compared to the fashion industry, but that ended with "The 4th Dimension.” The success of this show has inspired the hair industry to continue on its path of recognition. Be on the lookout for Emiliani to take Fashion Week by storm in the Fall.