O’Right – So Much More than Just Organic!

In only 10 years O’Right Salon Products has gone from a passionate small business enterprise to a world leader in reducing carbon emissions in the salon environment, paving its way in the hair and beauty industry as the new kid on the block and attracting media attention throughout Asia and Europe.

O’Right is the first hair care manufacturer in the world to build a purpose built facility run on wind and solar power and with water recycling systems. The factory and office is carbon neutral and features living walls of plants that breath in CO2 and breath out oxygen.

The grounds of the manufacturing plant are set in a large park style garden which is open to the public to enjoy. The facilities have attracted worldwide interest with the most recent delegation last month being a group of design students from France.

Founding CEO Steven Ko says the aim of O’Right is to reduce, reuse, recycle. The "O” represents the planet, our world and "Right” represents doing the right thing for a sustainable environment for ourselves and our children and all the other inhabitants of the world in order that everything will be O’Right!

With awesome styling and hair care products, shampoos, conditioners and body washes, skin care and perms. O’Right ingredients are natural, certified organic and toxic chemical free and delicately fragranced with delightful spa aromas made from essential oil blends using O’Right’s own formulas. In keeping with their strong environmental focus O’Right does not test their products on animals.

O’Right is the first salon range in the world to produce the "Floral box”. Each of the recycled and recyclable paper product boxes has a seed paper inserted into the box. Throw away your box and it will sprout herbs or flowers. O’Right also uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging with water soluble soy ink printing.

O’Right is also the first salon range in the world to produce "Tree in a bottle”, a 250ml shampoo bottle made from recycled fruit, vegetable and paper products which contains tree seeds. After finishing the shampoo the bottle is planted and will grow a tree as the bottle biodegrades.

For both salon and retail O’Right offers refill packs to reduce your salon’s environmental waste and to reduce your overheads. O’right has a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and distributors are required to perform at least one act of Corporate Social Responsibility each year.

New Zealand distributor of O’Right Diane says; "As a Cantabrian my focus is to assist in the rebuilding and development of a green belt in Christchurch – but more of that to come – see our website for details. As suppliers we are required to print only on recycled paper using soy printing inks.”

"In New Zealand we chosen not to print catalogues at all. As the range is developing and growing catalogues would soon be out of date so we have developed an online catalogue to reduce our own carbon footprint here in New Zealand and this has the added advantage of keeping you up to date with our latest products and news.” Said Diane.

O’Right ship by sea into New Zealand as it is the lowest form of carbon producing transportation – reducing our carbon footprint by 92%. With a growing awareness of the impact of toxic chemicals in our environment and our health O’Right has moved not only to produce high quality natural/organic salon products but they have been very proactive in ensuring that what they do gives something back to the planet and encourages us all to do the same.

With the full support of Greenpeace International, as well as a host of environmental certifications O’Right is the new Green in salon care!