Mana Dave & the NZ Crew present Katalyst!

There is always so much to take in over the hair expo weekend, so many shows and demonstrations going on all at the same time. It really is a feast for hairdressers who are thirsty for knowledge! One show we were never going to miss however, was  Mana Dave &  New Zealand Crew show, aptly named Katalyst. It was held in the magnificent ‘Look & Learn theatre upstairs in the Convention Centre providing a perfect opportunity to see clearly everything that was taking part onstage!

There was no shortage of fans and supporters from both New Zealand and Australia and considering that the show was running at the same time as the Sassoon Academy, it was such an amazing turnout! Kiwi inspired creativity led by one of our leading hairdressers, Mana Dave, was the order of the day! Supported by some of this countries best stylists, Shar Sutherland Todd, Kylie Hayes, Jason Chung Li and Antony Wilson.

Each stylist took us through around three or four individual looks and the steps needed to create them. Throw in a bit of humour and some creative insights which kept the appreciative audience humming! As one person remarked; It was a proud day for New Zealand Hairdressing!