Patrick Cameron 2 day Long hairdressing Workshop at Tapuae New Plymouth!

Patrick Cameron home for his annual sabbatical where he and his partner/husband Randy spends time with family and friends, re charging their batteries on the west coast a gated property ‘Tapuae Estate’ on the outskirts of New Plymouth.

Put the effervescent, highly energised Long hair Maestro Patrick Cameron, in a room with 13 career focused NZ Hairdressers (one of whom hails from Ireland) and you feel the ‘energy’ and know that they are there to glean all they can from this incredible man who has the world as his stage on which to perform, educate and entertain.

Patrick promised them on Day1; ‘All that they would learn over the two days, was designed to take back to their world of hairdressing/the salon and ‘make money’! He aimed to push as much stuff into their brain ‘you’ll be full by this afternoon; he stated. And that was just day 1.

The current trend in long hair from Patrick is: ‘Sexy hair- with texture, softness and glamour’. Not only did he demonstrate and then get the students to complete 8 Long hairdressing styles over the 2 days he shared un-reservedly his career journey and how he has got to where he is today.

He also gave away; ‘how to’s; tips and techniques that for all of the 12 Hairdressers, had them creating up do’s with little preparation, leaving them each feeling wired and proud of their results. Never a dull moment- nothing stands still; especially with the man himself who works with such lightning bolt speed and one would have to say, his repartee almost matches that pace!

Patrick finds only the good in all his students and it is this that creates such a positive vibe in the room...everyone keen to try and do it all. Many hairdressers have little or no formal training in the art of long hairdressing and this is the reason that many hairdressers say ‘I don’t do long Hair’ out of fear, said Patrick.

Believe it - spend time in Patrick’s class and you will never again feel this way.

Training is something that today’s employer realises is an investment in both; staff/ employee stability and also in the salon itself. Some employers share the cost of such training, but it is now happening; employers believing in the need and the value of training.

Jacqui Broughton Jax Salon Whanganui said; ‘Such training is a great investment because it would take her a year or more to schedule the same degree of training into her definitely well spent! ‘

Preparation for Long hair is what Patrick began with; from there he taught them brushing skills, ponytails the PC way, backcombing both placement and directional, the list endless...With the foundations addressed it was whirl wind of styling techniques; from texture, to curl, to beautifully coiffed smooth wrapped buns, to lattice and braiding shapes and finally a faux bob....amazing and the 13 stylists matched Patrick style for style.

If that wasn’t enough Randy Patrick’s partner served up a luncheon fit for a ‘queen’!

Then day 2, the invitation was to lunch at their home overlooking the west coast - amazing, wow, wow, WOW!!!! Comments from a seasoned stylist:’ This is the 3rd time I have had a learning experience with Patrick each has been fantastic exceeding my expectations every time...awesome. Thanks so much!

‘When it comes to money; I was blown away by the first half, found it priceless and would do it again in a heartbeat...................” ‘I want to be just like you when I grow up Patrick!’To a newbie: ‘Love, love, loved it; such love and friendship - and an honour to have been hosted in such a personal space. ‘A journey I will never forget!’

‘Patrick Cameron was amazing, he made us feel equal and special. The skills he has taught me are worth more than I paid for the course. It was the best seminar I have ever been to because it was exciting and engaging at the same time.’

I rest my case - Lyndsay Loveridge