Sara Allsop Hair Expo NZ Hairdresser of the Year!

Its always a thrill attending the Hair Expo Awards, but this year it was a little bit more exciting as the awards were held at the prestigious Star Events Centre, inside the Star Casino not far from Darling Harbour. During a sumptuous 3 course dinner, winners were announced throughout the night leaving the biggest awards for the end.

The question on all our lips was answered when Sara Allsop from Dharma was crowned ‘NZ Hairdresser of the Year’ for the second year running! Sara has worked tirelessly, providing a platform for other kiwi hair stylists to learn from their peers and showcase their own unique talents under the INDUSTRY umbrella. It was a well deserved win for one our most talented hairdressers, Congratulations Sara!

We asked Sara what it felt like to be honoured with this accolade?

"For me, Winning Hairdresser of the Year is just a validation that you are doing something right. I love this competition as you get to produce a beautiful collection, as well as show in resume format how much work you have done throughout the past twelve months. It’s an award that’s not only interested in you and your own achievements, it’s also wanting to see that you have helped other artists along the way.”

What are your thoughts on the new venue?

"I have been going to expo since the late 90’s and I loved the location of the Darling Harbour Exhibition centre, As I’m the type of person who likes to go and support an artist and then go and have lunch and a wine, and then wander back to see something else later in the day. Glebe island really didn’t allow for that.

The Star was great for the night events. The Production Team are outstanding. They did an awesome job, and as an Artist presenting a show at night, communication and production is the most important thing.”

There seemed to be a lot of Kiwis taking part at Hair Expo this year?

"A lot of young hairdressers might not know this, it was only a few years ago that you didn’t see NZ hairdressers on stage at Expo. Jock, Myself and Mana were really the first to be asked to be part of the schedule and we have been lucky enough to be asked back each year. Even though it’s extremely hard work in the planning and preparation leading up to working at expo (there are models to be cast, makeup artists, fashion stylists all to be flown over) We do it so that other NZ hairdressers have the opportunity to present on stage and work behind the scenes each year, and that they get to feel like they are all part of the event.”