Global.Synergy announces New Zealand finalists!

Four young, talented New Zealand hairdressers, who dream big, are motivated and believe they can contribute to the global hairdressing industry, were announced as the inaugural Global.Synergy NZ finalists on Monday 28th July, 2014 all vying for the chance to win a trip to Australia in November to work on the ultimate hairdressing event.

And the Finalists are:

Michael Hewin – Senior Stylist, Fabrik Hair, Waikato

Kiri Roberts – Stylist, Mane Salon, Wellington

Josh Angell – Stylist, Dharma Salon, Auckland

Natalie Henderson – Emerging Talent, Mane Salon, Wellington

The creator and current AHFAs Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Emiliano Vitale, in association with é SALON and WELLA Australia/NZ, is offering one of the finalists for Global.Synergy NZ the chance to win a trip to Australia to work backstage at ::Ssshhh:: an exclusive Australian industry event on Sunday 16th November 2014 – assisting and working alongside a host of the global industry’s most respected names & talents.

An industry phenomenon in Australia in 2013, Global.Synergy launched its New Zealand installment in June, asking New Zealand hairdressers with 1-6 years qualified hairdressing experience to submit a creative 2-minute video, outlining why the entrant wanted to win, a brief bio, a selection from their portfolio & collection imagery, reasons why the entrant believed they should be chosen and how they would share the experience with their peers.

"It was so fantastic to see the sheer passion and obvious love for what they do in all the finalists’ video entries,” says Emiliano Vitale. "To have the ability to dream and the courage to put that on show and share it with us was so inspiring and a reminder that our next generation of hairdresser knows there’s so many more opportunities out there other than just working in the salon!”

Michael, Kiri, Josh & Natalie will travel to Auckland on Saturday 16th August, to be mentored over two days – Sunday 17th & Monday 18th August - by industry luminaries Sara Allsop, Jock Robson, Michael Beel, Paul Serville, Shar Sutherland Todd, Dario Cotroneo (Aus), Lisa Muscat (Aus) and Emiliano Vitale (Aus). What an enviable line up of industry icons to learn from!

Over the weekend, the Mentors will observe the finalists, and the winner will be announced on Monday 18th August at an inspirational WELLA Australia/NZ event.

"To the judges– Sandy Chong, Sheryl Binnie, Claire Maher, Hayley Miller, and Brad Leper - I want to express my gratitude for joining me on this little dream of mine to expand Global.Synergy outside of Australia. I feel honored to have them all on board for the first Global.Synergy NZ, along with the support of WELLA, and for trusting me on this project. I didn’t realize the true gift that this project could become. I cannot begin to explain with words,” says Emiliano.

Prize Dates: Winner will need to be free to travel to Australia between 14th November – 18th November 2014.

About ::SSSHHH::

::SSSHHH:: is an INDUSTRY FIRST global event, based purely on the idea of bringing the best in the business together through a neutral platform in Creative Collaboration with the single desire of Sharing and Contributing to the industry. Teams from Australia, the UK, the US and Europe, will come together to provide inspirational education on a creative level – a unique, interactive and experiential series of presentations designed to delight an audience of 500 hairdressers.