Riviera by Patrick Cameron in Monaco!

Just recently Patrick Cameron presented ‘Riviera’ created to embody the feel and elegance of the 1950’s French Riviera, especially for the 2014 Wella International Trend Vision Awards in Monaco. 1500 Hairdressers from over 40 countries gathered to take part in the event. The show was inspired by Princess Grace and the timeless look of Dior. Gowns were hand made especially for the collection by his Artistic Director Marco Erbi.

Patrick commented... "The hair concept was created to inspire hairdressers to look at the craft of being able to dress couture hair in large luxurious shapes. I wanted the show to pull at the heart strings and appeal to the princess inside all woman and the romance inside all men. The show took on a life of its own once the music started and the presentation, with all its glamour, drove the audience to their feet. To my total surprise, many people where crying. This was a very special show, one that I will remember for many years to come … Not bad for a boy from Taranaki”