2015 NZARH Supreme Hairdressing Awards and Oceanic Masters Awards

The New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers held the Supreme Hairdressing Awards and Oceanic Hairdressing Masters Awards on Sunday 4th October at the Pullman Hotel, Auckland. The event showcased regional winners from all around New Zealand who competed for the bi-annual national competition made up of five, live cutting and styling events. Presentation of the Editorial Stylist, Patrick Cameron Photographic Competition, 2015 Supreme Awards and Oceanic Hairdressing Masters Award winners were announced after everyone let their hair down for the well deserved cocktail party.

NZARH Chairperson Lynnette Karam-Whalley, said "The standard of work on the floor today was incredibly fierce and skilful. New Zealand’s level of creative work is right up there with the best in the world! We should all be extremely proud of our hairdressing industry.”

The Cut, The Style, The Colour, Novice Styling and the Oceanic Hairdressing Masters Award ask competitors at different levels in their career to create technically excellent hair styles that showcase the use for colour and styling techniques. 84 stylists competed in 8 different categories for the Supreme Awards and 17 stylists competed in the Oceanic Masters Awards which is a two part category.

Chairperson of the Competitions Committee David Shields, said "There are hours and hours of work that go into preparing for the Supreme Competitions. This year we introduced a new format to make sure we keep things current and ensure a smooth running event. The Supreme Awards are the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort - both front of house and behind the scenes. New Zealand hairdressers have world class skills and creativity, and the Supreme Awards are an opportunity to showcase this talent.

On the competition floor stylists from Invercargill to Kerikeri demonstrated how different stylists can take the same set of guidelines and interpret them in completely different ways. Whether they are competing in The Cut, The Style or The Colour, Novice Styling or in the Oceanic Hairdressing Masters, each style was unique”.

The Cut event can be modelled by a male or female with the aim for stylists to execute a cut with technical excellence. All heads must be reshaped and show the competitor’s cutting ability. The hair must be previously coloured to compliment the cut and they have 40 minutes to complete their look.

In The Style event, competitors must demonstrate their technical styling skills in creating the finished look. Hair must be worked from roots to tips within the 40 minute timeframe and, must be previously coloured and may also incorporate hairpieces.

Novice Styling is a pre-trade event that now runs uniformly across the whole country. First and second year students from hairdressing schools around New Zealand compete in this styling event which can range from blow drying to intricate up do’s.

The Colour event is perhaps the most anticipated as regional winners show their technical secrets with colours that have to be seen to be believed. They have 5 minutes to present their model and the cut and styling must also compliment the colour and of course be technically well executed.

The Oceanic Hairdressing Masters Award challenges competitors to demonstrate their skills in all areas of hairdressing. In Part 1: The Cut, competitors are asked to ‘execute a forward thinking haircut with technical excellence’. Using the same model from Part 1, competitors in Part: 2 The Conversion are challenged to convert their hair cut created in Part 1, to a look suitable for an international couture catwalk style that ‘captivates the catwalk’.

"A huge congratulations to all the winners from around New Zealand...” says NZARH Steward Kylie Hayes, "We congratulate all the NZARH Supreme Award and Oceanic Hairdressing Masters Award winners and thank our sponsors - L’Oréal Professionnel, Redken, Matrix, Wella, Sebastian, Nioxin, Goldwell, KMS, and Fudge - and NZARH partners - TIB Insurance, A Sharper Blade, Kitomba and Shock Consult.”

Congratulations to the Winners of the Oceanic Hairdressing Master Awards:

Part 1: The Cut – Open was won by Salina Murphy from The Hairdressing College, Manawatu.

Part 2: The Conversion – Open was won by Seamus Karam-Whalley from Team Seven, Waikato.

Oceanic Masters Awards – Overall Winner was Salina Murphy from The Hairdressing College, Manawatu.

Congratulations to all of the NZARH Supreme Award Winners:

The Cut:

Next Generation Stylist / Liana King from Moha, Otago

Senior Stylist / Vanessa Carter from Three Hairdressing, Northland.

The Style:

Next Generation / Liana King from Moha, Otago

Senior Stylist / Robyn Collins from Protege Hairdressing, Whanganui.

Novice Styling:

First Year Full Time Pre-Trade Course / Phalla Mom from Premiere Hairdressing College, Wellington.

Second Year Full Time Pre-Trade Course / Sarbjot Kaur from Premiere Hairdressing College, Auckland

The Colour:

Next Generation Stylist / Liana King from Moha, Otago.

Senior Stylist / Kiri Roberts from Mane Salon,Wellington.