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Images October November 2020:  CONTENTS

  • 10 Antony Bayer Winner Affinage Professional Colour Competition
  • 12 Natulique leads the way to Clean Healthy living
  • 14 Key Accessories for Summer
  • 16 10 Tips for making the most of Instagram
  • 18 The Coldbrush has arrived!
  • 20 Huffer launches Transformational Retail to Create Social Connections
  • 22 Welcome Back to the Industry Awards
  • 26 Merry Xmas from Dyson!
  • 27 Create the Look with Jake Unger & Warren Boodaghian
  • 28 House of Camille Discovery Day
  • 29 Five Bad Hairdressing Habits
  • 30 The Dark by Teresa Colthurst
  • 36 NZFW Returns in 2021
  • 38 Studio Benicky Narrabeen Sydney
  • 40 Oribe Haircare now part of Kao Salon Division
  • 41 Power Up Workshop Ellerslie Events Centre
  • 42 M.A.C Announces New Brand Ambassador
  • 43 ghd Trophy Cabinet Now Holds 300 Awards
  • 44 The Science of Control by Sandra Lup
  • 45 KMS Cleen Sweep Initiative
  • 46 Kevin Murphy Photoshoot Sleeping Water
  • 50 Jamie Furlan AFHA Australian Hairdresser of the Year
  • 56 Wella Company New CEO Annie Young-Scrivner
  • 58 Christmas Gift Packs
  • 64 Hot New Products
  • 68 Making the Most of your Education by Cos Sakkas
  • 69 Three Key Colour Trends by Sam Ascroft
  • 70 Creating the Perfect Bridal Look By Alexander Kiryliuk Sk Style Barcelona
  • 74 Noco Hair, Wild Honey
  • 82 Zoe Wilde Collection
  • 84 Urban Chics Amy Gaudie Queensland Hairdresser of the Year
  • 92 Rebecca Dickenson Valentina Collection
  • 100 Paula Hibbard Soignée
  • 106 Carole Haddad Corcorz Hair Brisbane
  • 108 Paula Hibbard The Creative
  • 116 David Barron Electric Carnival
  • 118 Alexander Kiryliuk Too Funky
  • 124 Soft Crop by Mike Taylor




Images October November 2020:  Letter from the Editor

 Summer’s almost here! If you are like me you’ll can’t wait to put this dreadful year behind us. Hopefully next year we’ll go back to normal and start living again. One thing that this pandemic has taught us that we are so lucky to be living in such a wonderful country, imagine being somewhere else and having to cope with it. 

One of the good things that happened this year besides ( Trump getting Dumped ) is we have all unintentionally saved some money by not being able to travel. Let’s face it who wants to go anywhere while Covid is still around! 

But I could really do with a break in the sun, Raro or Fiji, so bring on the travel bubble! 

Still here’s hoping next year will be better with a vaccine just around the corner, it’s looking promising! It was great to see everybody at the Industry Awards, which went really well this year. Congratulations to all the winners there were plenty of happy faces on show. It was fabulous to see that people going to a real effort to dress up and turning up to party! Maybe that’s just what we all needed! 

Another piece of good news is that Hair Expo will be relaunched as the Hair Festival at Queens Birthday Weekend next year in Sydney. The AHFA awards will be announced and run at the same time, so watch this space. The Hair Festival Weekend will be run by the Inter Media Group the publishers of Instyle Magazine. 

Meanwhile time to get ready for Christmas and the gift season. Have you stocked up on gift packs yet? Here’s where you ramp up your retail sales and see your sales soar! Get the Christmas spirit, decorate your salon and get ready to rock! 

But the best thing about this time of the year is that we all get time to spend with our families and relax. Don’t forget to stay safe and try not to over indulge in the Christmas spirit, and enjoy, no matter what we have been through we still have our friends and families, what more do we need! 

Take care and have a very Merry Xmas and a wonderful holiday break… Sheryl x

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