Sanja Scher – rokk ebony, Melbourne

Portray the way light dances and bends around the texture of the hair to illuminate soft, clean tones and bold, vibrant hues.Draw your eyes into the light and lose yourself within its depths and flow, so as to appreciate the beauty in the way the colour lights up our world.

The Refracted Collection is inspired by the reflection of light and colour, observed in an abstract sense of the natural world.
Originally, stimulated by the striking beauty of Melbourne’s blooming spring, I began to view the pigments that saturated the perceivable world as their own abstract entities.

Refracted reflects the abstraction of colour, so the hair has been kept as the main focus of each image.
The set was styled using mirrors and mirrored paper that could bend and reflect the colours and movement of the hair.
Makeup was kept minimal and clean for a flawless effect with no fashion used to distract from the collection.

Hair, Colour, & Styling: Sanja Scher
Photography & Make-Up: Chung-Yang Su
Salon: rokk ebony, Melbourne