Warehouse Stationery offers ads to Kiwi businesses

Warehouse Stationery offers ads to Kiwi businesses

Warehouse Stationery has announced it is offering $150,000 of the company’s ad space to 10 small businesses, plus the creative firepower from New Zealand’s leading agency to create the ads.

“Warehouse Stationery prides itself on having everything a small business needs. And right now small businesses need business,” says Wendy Ballard, Warehouse Stationery Head of Marketing.

“So we’re giving away some of our ad space to those who need it most, and we’ve even asked our advertising agency to create the ads for them.”

The initiative invites any Kiwi business in need of exposure to apply to be one of 10 to receive a minimum of $15,000 media spend plus creative production. The advertising package will be bespoke for the successful businesses and ads could appear on radio, online, in social and/or in press depending on their needs.

“Our team in our nationwide network of Warehouse Stationery stores have built close relationships with many small businesses. The stories they have shared of the pressure some are facing have inspired this campaign. We want New Zealand business to thrive, so giving the gift of the power of advertising feels like a practical way we can help,” said Ballard.

“Whether you’re a tradie, an accountant, run a restaurant or run a lawn mowing business, Warehouse Stationery would love to help.”

If you have a registered business, go to www.warehousestationery.co.nz to apply for the advertising package. Registrations are from 1 July – 31 July, 2020. Advertising campaigns to begin August 2020.